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Wide Band Desktop Antenna


SureCall Indoor Antenna

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SureCall Wide Band Desktop Antenna

The SureCall Wide Band Desktop Antenna rebroadcasts the boosted cellular signal to multiple mobile devices. So you can place this antenna on a desktop or tabletop and attach it to the signal booster with 75-Ohm RG-6 cable.

Purchase an additional/replacement antenna for any SureCall home or building signal booster that uses F-connectors for the inside antenna. For example, the SureCall EZ 4G or the Fusion4Home cell phone signal booster.

The SureCall Wide Band Desktop Antenna has lower gain than the indoor panel antenna and the dome antenna, but it might be a more aesthetically pleasing option for some installations.


  • Wide Band Desktop Antenna (698-2700 MHz)
  • 75 Ohm Antenna
  • 3 to 5dBi Gain