Force5 Signal Booster Install

Recently, one of our partners was able to do a SureCall Force5 signal booster install in Las Vegas. I asked them if they happened to have any photos of the project that they installed. I was in luck! Not only did they have a ton of great photos, but they also took the time to document a few speed tests of their AT&T LTE service both before and after the installation. The results were pretty telling!

Vegas, Baby!

Force5 signal booster install in fabulous las vegas

From what I understand, Vegas can be quite the experience! I never drink, so my experience with Vegas is basically a “wow look at the pretty lights” kind of deal. But having grown up only 2 hours north of Sin City, I’m pretty familiar with how things work there. What happens in Vegas is supposed to STAY in Vegas. But most people visiting Vegas end up texting, tweeting and facebooking everything they do to people that are OUT of Vegas. It’s pretty frustrating not having good enough cell coverage to share the evidence of your Vegas shenanigans with those back home.

That was the EXACT situation that the good folks at JW Marriott, Rampart Casino were facing. They had this beautiful, amazing location but they had TERRIBLE cell phone coverage inside the building. So they called one of our partners to install a cell phone signal booster.

  • JW Marriott Rampart Casino Force5 signal booster install
    JW Marriott Rampart Casino Force5 Signal Booster Install

Our partner decided this location was a prime candidate for a Force5 signal booster install. Why a Force5 signal booster? Why not a different, cheaper one? In this situation, with the building size and the number of connected users, a Force5 signal booster install made more sense. It’s the better choice because it can handle a much higher call capacity and it can cover a lot more square footage with its increased gain and output power.

Before the Install

Speed test reults before the Force5 signal booster install.
Speed test results BEFORE the Force5 signal booster install.

When the installers arrived on site, they asked a few casino workers to run some speed tests from their mobile phones. This photo is an actual screenshot of one of those speed tests before the installation had started. The speed test result in this photo was pretty on-par with speed tests from other carriers as well. Some of the employees had Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. and the results of their speed tests were very similar.

The Install

Outside antenna mounting of a Force5 signal booster install
Outside antenna mounting of a Force5 signal booster install

With flat roofs, like this one, it can be particularly difficult to find a spot to mount the outside “donor” antenna. In this situation, our partner chose a non-penetrating roof mount for mounting the outside antenna. A non-penetrating roof mount (pictured above) is a rectangular bracket with an attached pole. Cinder blocks placed in the rectangular base of the mount keep the pole steady. Then the outside donor antenna mounts to the pole with the included mounting hardware.

Another extremely difficult part of a flat-roof installation is finding a way to get the cable to the outside antenna. In this situation, our partner chose to “blaze his own path” to the roof. They cut a hole, ran a conduit through it and installed a flashing to make it all waterproof. Then they installed a conduit service entrance cap at the top of the conduit to keep rainfall out.

Underside of roof penetration Force5 signal booster install
Underside of roof penetration Force5 signal booster install

Our partner securely mounted the underside of the conduit to a wall using unistrut and some conduit clamps. This supports the conduit from below and prevents it from falling into the building or moving around. When conduits move around, they tend to allow leaks to happen. And leaking roofs are bad for business!

If It’s Worth Doing…

I remember when I was in 10th grade. My dad was an ironworker. Steel structural. I spent all summer working for him. My job consisted of 10 hours a day in the hot southern Utah desert sun- puddle welding steel decking to joists in my welding hood and long sleeve shirt. It was HOT! So, after a few hours of this repetitive welding, my dad came to “inspect” my work. He claims it was an inspection, but I think he was just trying to teach me this life long lesson.

He told me that my welds looked like garbage, (he didn’t really use the word garbage though) and that I’d have to break all my welds out and start over.

I said, “Who cares? There is roofing going on over all this decking anyway. No one will ever see these welds!”

He said, “I care! I’ll drive past this place every day and know that those $#@%-ty welds are in there. If the job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! These welds look like a metal bird took a $#@% on them.”

I learned a lesson that day.

Taking Pride in Your Work

Our partner did a great job of making this Force5 signal booster install look as amazing as the interior of that casino. They mounted the SureCall Force5 signal booster to the wall with the power adapter neatly mounted next to it. Then they mounted the Sentry remote monitoring system neatly below the amplifier. The splitter was neatly mounted to the wall with the cables cleanly running along the wall. It all looks great!

They installed four antennas, evenly distributed throughout the interior of the casino. The antennas in the interior of the casino were virtually invisible.

Force5 signal booster install wall mounted amplifier
Amplifier neatly mounted to the wall.
Force5 signal booster install - Splitter mounted to wall
Splitter neatly mounted on the wall.


At this point, you might be wondering: Did the install improve the signal inside the casino? The answer is yes, yes it did. If you recall, before the install the speed test app that they used to measure the upload and download speed of AT&T’s LTE service rated the service with a big, fat “F” for failure. After the installation, they were able to pull down the following speed test results from the same phone at the same location.

Speed test results AFTER Force5 signal booster install
Speed test results AFTER Force5 signal booster install

So, with those tangible results, I think it’s safe to say that this SureCall Force5 signal booster install was a complete success. So, If you have any questions about this install or about anything else related to cell phone signal boosters, I’m always happy to help. Just send me an email to: [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if you have any installation tips, tricks or suggestions, I’d love to hear about those as well.

You can get your hands on the SureCall Force5 Signal Booster that was used in this installation right here in my online shop.

If you have any questions about how cell phone signal boosters work , or how to choose the best cell phone signal booster for your application, there’s a lot of really great information here in my blog.

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