SureCall Fusion4Home vs WeBoost Connect 4G

A while ago, I had the opportunity to compare the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home. We tested the boosters at a friend’s quaint cabin high in the beautiful Cedar Mountains.

The location couldn’t have been more amazing! The birds were chirping, chipmunks bustled about and deer drank form a nearby pond. The gentle fall breeze rustled through the pine trees. Luckily, my friend’s cabin was located just beyond where the summer wildfires of 2017 had burned down a bunch of cabins and ravaged 71,000 acres of beautiful landscape.

The surroundings here were perfect, but the cell phone signal was terrible. Outside of the cabin, barely 1 bar of signal was available. Inside of the cabin, no signal at all was present. No texts, no data, no phone calls. Nothing. Which made this a perfect location to compare the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home signal booster to determine which was better suited for this situation.

Why would you want a booster?

If I were up there in the mountains at a cabin, why would I waste my time comparing the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home signal boosters?

Whenever I talk about cell phone signal boosters being used in these beautiful outdoor settings, there’s always a few people that will comment…

“If I was in a beautiful place like that, cell phone signal would be the last thing on my mind!” or…

“I go to places like that to get away from the world, why would I want a cell phone there!”

Let me tell you why… eventually.

I’m no Gaston

I’ve never been a big hunter. I went hunting ONCE with my dad when I turned 8 or 9 years old. We embarked on what I thought was an epic journey into the wild to bring home a freezer full of meat. We saw a few deer, and even got a shot off at one. It wasn’t until later, (only a few years ago), that my dad finally admitted to me that our amazing hunting experience wasn’t at all what I had thought.

Our hike “deep into the woods” was really us barely 20 feet from the road. We literally walked us in circles for about 20 minutes so we thought that we were really far out there. Then we built a campfire, because it “was cold outside and it would attract the deer that wanted to warm up.”  I couldn’t quite figure out why a deer would want to come near a campfire, but I trusted my dad. He was my hero and he knew everything in the world that was worth knowing.

My dad sat on a lawn chair that he had carried in and read the news paper. Every 10 minutes or so he would rustle the newspaper a little bit and say, “Did you hear that? It was a deer. If you guys weren’t being so noisy, we probably could have shot it.” After my dad finished the paper, he jumped up and took a shot at a massive buck that was hopping through the tree line… or so I thought.


He later admitted that it was absolutely nothing. He shot at a tree about 20 yards away. After the shot he said, “Darn it! I missed it. If you guys hadn’t of been arguing over the fire, we could have gotten that one. You scared it off. It was a huge buck! Probably the biggest I’ve ever seen.” Since he had taken a shot, all of the other deer in the vicinity had undoubtedly taken off, and it made no sense to stay, so we left and went back home.

As I later found out, there was no buck. There was no deer. It was all a ruse so that we would stop bugging my dad to take us hunting. We had a terrible time, and we never bothered him to go hunting again.

Work Begins When You Pull the Trigger

Surrounded by nature why would you want to compare the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home
Photo by Steve from Pexels

Fast forward 20 some years. I had a really good neighbor that got me interested in hunting again. He assured me how amazing and fun it was. He talked me into going hunting with him, because REAL hunting was a blast.

I got my tag, and we set out hunting. It was fun. Until I shot something. That’s when my buddy, John, told me, “My dad always says, hunting’s like sex. The fun ends and the work begins as soon as you pull the trigger.” That couldn’t have been more accurate of a statement. I now understood why my dad had absolutely no desire to create a memorable hunting experience for me.

Will You Take Us Hunting?

Why you'd need a cell phone signal booster. Reason to compare the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home
Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels

It wasn’t much time later that my son started on me about the hunting thing. I decided to take him. I wasn’t going to make it a productive hunt. But I was determined to have some fun with my kids. I decided to take 4 of my 5 young-uns along for the experience.

We started out down a dirt road. Eventually the road took us down a pretty steep road with very loose rock. Then the dirt road became a trail. A trail that my truck no longer fit on. To make matters worse, two years earlier I had managed to impulsively purchase the only damn truck in all of southern Utah that wasn’t 4-wheel drive. We were stuck. The road became treacherous and very scary to navigate.

We had gone beyond the point of no return, because my truck couldn’t make it back up that loose rock without 4-wheel drive. Also, there was no way to turn around, because the ravine hugging the edge of the trail made it impossible to navigate a turn around. It was bad! On 3 or 4 separate occasions, I had all of the kids get out of the truck and wait with my cell phone just in case I didn’t make it through the next vehicular obstacle.

“Jaxon, take daddy’s phone. If my truck rolls off this cliff, hike to the top of that mountain over there and call 9-1-1, ok?”

As you could probably guess, cell phone signal was not well in the bottom of this ravine. This is just one of the many occasions that I really could have benefitted from a cell phone signal booster.

WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home

SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi Panel Kit

My “hunting” experience aside, there are tons of reasons why you might want to have reliable cell phone coverage on the mountain in your cabin. So I decided to test out the SureCall Fusion4Home and see how it stacked up to the comparable WeBoost Connect 4G product. The “WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home” title bout if you will.

First off, I expected there to be no signal at all… Even with the cell phone signal boosters. I was surprised that I was able to go from NO usable signal to some useable signal with both of the competing cell phone signal boosters.

Secondly, I never expected the SureCall cell phone signal booster to perform as good as it did. I expected them to be very close to the same. I expected the difference to be negligible at best. They both have similar specs, and I really didn’t expect to see as big a difference in the two boosters like I did. The SureCall booster was able to consistently provide about 10-20 dB better signal strength than the WeBoost product.

The Results

I had a friend video record the results of our tests of the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home. I will let the video mostly speak for itself, but I will tell you that the SureCall signal booster FAR outperformed the WeBoost signal booster in my field test.

The SureCall signal booster consistently provided a stronger signal throughout the cabin. I was able to get cell phone calls to work with both products. I was only able to check my email and send data attachments with the SureCall signal booster attached.

Also, I noticed that the WeBoost signal booster got really warm after a while. It was noticeably hot to the touch. Hot enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it connected while the cabin was unattended. Surprising. I don’t know why it would need to dissipate so much heat.


So, looking at the results of my comparison of the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home, if you are looking for a reliable cell phone signal booster for a home or a cabin that will work in situations where there is little to no usable signal, I would definitely recommend the SureCall Fusion4Home. In my comparison of the WeBoost Connect 4G vs SureCall Fusion4Home, I found that the SureCall Fusion4Home easily outperformed the WeBoost Connect 4G signal booster. Which was a bit surprising. They both have such similar specs. And with the WeBoost product having quite a heftier price tag, I honestly expected it to perform better than it did.

If you are looking for the vehicle cell phone signal booster that I tested in this video, you can find it here in my store.

As always, if you have any questions or need help in figuring out which cell phone signal booster is right for your situation, please feel free to drop me an email to [email protected]. I love this stuff and I’m always happy to help out!

Thanks for stopping by!